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Over the years, we've gleaned knowledge and inspiration from on-line tutorials. Here's our way of giving back to the on-line creative community. Check out our tutorials and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Suggestions for future tutorials are welcome!

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Preview | Fringe Reverse 3D Shatter

Here's a preview of an After Effects tutorial on how to recreate the reverse 3D shatter effect used at the end of the opening sequence for the Fox TV show Fringe. We'll show you how to mimic this look using only the native tools in After Effects (no 3rd-party plug-ins). Watch out for the tutorial coming soon!

Tutorial | Orphan Black Title Reveal

In this After Effects tutorial, we'll go over three different ways to mimic the title reveal animations used in the opening sequence of the BBC series Orphan Black. We'll use the third method, which we believe is a novel one, to set up a template which can be duplicated and modified to quickly create multiple titles. Finally, we'll create a title sequence using the keyframe assistant to sequence the title layers.